About Us

Who are we?

PUNCHY'S, home of the punchy cowgirl, is a clothing, tack, and general store. Located inside of Circle T Resort Arena, we offer hand selected unique collections that manifest our style of western culture tempered with modern flair. 

What the heck is PUNCHY'S

PUNCH·Y - having an immediate impact, forceful, compelling, impressive, vigorous.  

The Punchy Cowgirl, established in 2006, is our foundation we have called home for over ten years. Primarily a roadshow and web store only, we were excited to announce a permanent store front for us in August of 2015. We set our roots at Circle T Arena in Hamilton, Texas and now offer womens, mens and kids clothing and footwear as well as tack. With these new selections available we became PUNCHY'S.

What's in it for you?

We here at PUNCHY'S strive to provide you exclusive collections encompassing southern class & innovative style. 

Wondering how in the world you can get your wardrobe to work for every situation?!? Come find us on the road, or schedule an appointment with our stylist for a private shopping experience!!


Meet the Stylist

Howdy! My name is Jenifer, and my motto for fashion is "Well, Why the Heck Not!?"
Born with the soul of a traveling free spirit, I am an artistic creative and a go getter.
I believe in living life to it's fullest, laughing at yourself,
showing kindness, and following your passions.
Life is all about experiences, what you learn from them, and how they make you grow.
I am not the person that you should ever ask, "Is this too much?"


I love all things manly or leather scented. Yep, it definitely is a problem of mine.


I am a junkie for small town road trips and memories created on every mile.


I carry two Texas sized tote bags everyday, and, yes,
there is hairspray and a tease comb in both. Why? Because big hair is a necessity.


I love to cook, and my favorite food is bacon wrapped jalapeños.


My favorite movie is Pure Country. I may or may not have the whole thing memorized.


My choice of shoe is bling bling flip flops or boots.


And, last but not least, I am a proud member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2008 WH08P!!



I look forward to sharing this journey and our adventures of PUNCHY'S with you!!