About Us

Who are we?

PUNCHY'S, home of the punchy cowgirl, is a clothing, tack, and general store. Located inside of Circle T Resort Arena, we offer hand selected unique collections that manifest our style of western culture tempered with modern flair. 

What the heck is PUNCHY'S

PUNCH·Y - having an immediate impact, forceful, compelling, impressive, vigorous.  

The Punchy Cowgirl, established in 2006, is our foundation we have called home for over ten years. Primarily a roadshow and web store only, we were excited to announce a permanent store front for us in August of 2015. We set our roots at Circle T Arena in Hamilton, Texas and now offer womens, mens and kids clothing and footwear as well as tack. With these new selections available we became PUNCHY'S.

What's in it for you?

We here at PUNCHY'S strive to provide you exclusive collections encompassing southern class & innovative style. 

Wondering how in the world you can get your wardrobe to work for every situation?!? Come find us on the road, or schedule an appointment with our stylist for a private shopping experience!!


Meet the Crew

Jenifer Burnet

Owner & Stylist/ Designer
Self Proclaimed Roadtripster and Tote Bag Junkie/addict
-I love all things manly or leather scented
-Punchy Rose, my toy Australian Shepard, goes just about everywhere with me 
-Hair spray and a tease comb are sure to be close by if I am around.
-Proud member of the fightin Texas Aggie class of 2008
Sweet or Unsweet Tea?
Unsweet... and a little extra of, you will never know.
If you could have dinner with any movie star who would it be?
Betty White (The Golden Girls never gets old!)
Favorite Clothing/ Shopping Weakness?
-Bags, Big Bags, Little Bags, Bags that fit inside my other bags!
-Samples in line at Sephora
-Turquoise Jewelry especially if it’s vintage and unique.
-Dresses because they are comfortable and they look like I really tried that day.
If You Could Only Eat Three Foods What Would They Be?
Tacos, Guacamole & Tacos
If You Could Compete in an Olympic Event What Would it Be?
Is walking without tripping an option?!?
Favorite Texas Country Artist?
Mike Ryan & Old School Pat Green
Favorite Movie Quote?
“You wanna buy a rope?” - Pure Country
“You know the funny thing is that white speck of white on top of chicken shit? Well it’s chicken shit too!!” - Pure Country
What Makes You PUNCHY?
My fearless style, my love for people and my passion for people to feel their best and live the best way that life has to offer.


Emily Noggle

Operations/ Buyer
Self Proclaimed Superhero & Yoga Master in Training
- I have a crazy family; three brothers and four sisters
- My first pets were a pony named Suzy & a orange barn cat named Peanut Butter
- I have watched all 12 seasons of Murder She Wrote
- Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Tarleton State University
Sweet or Unsweet Tea?
Most definitely unsweet, probably because I'm a Michigander. However, at Taco Casa I would choose sweet.
If you could have dinner with any movie star who would it be?Audrey Hepburn because I have always been interested in old school Hollywood.
Favorite Clothing/ Shopping Weakness?
Athletic wear for some reason and really eccentric fun clothes to wear out. I think athletic wear because I secretly I have always wanted to be super fit and cool.
If You Could Only Eat Three Foods What Would They Be?This is too hard! Chocolate, Steak and Macaroni and Cheese.
If You Could Compete in an Olympic Event What Would it Be?
Beach Volleyball!!! Which plays into the super athletic alterego I always wanted to be.
Favorite Texas Country Artist
Opps mine aren’t from Texas: Turnpike Troubadours & American Aquarium
Favorite Movie Quote:
“She doesn’t even go here” - Mean Girls
“I see you’re drinking 1%. Is that ‘cause you think you’re fat? ‘Cause you’re not. You could be drinking whole if you wanted to.” - Napoleon Dynamite
What Makes You PUNCHY?
I think what makes me punchy is my work ethic. When I work on something I want it to be bold, standout and set a standard for others to measure up to.

Kyla Henderson

Manager/ Buyer
Self Proclaimed Leather Master and DIY Enthusiast
-I’m double jointed
-I can talk like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch
-Wedding cake sno cones are my favorite
- Tarleton State Univeristy Graduate Class 2015 #BleedPurple
Sweet or Unsweet Tea?
Unsweet, I swear I am a Texan y’all!!
If you could have dinner with any movie star who would it be?
Clint Eastwood, he’s a pretty cool dude.
Favorite Clothing/ Shopping Weakness?
All things denim, leather accessories, unique pieces that are crazy and fun, SHOES (all kinds: sneakers, sandals, boots, house shoes… I HAVE A PROBLEM)
If You Could Only Eat Three Foods What Would They Be?
Supreme pizza (#allthefoodgroups), good chips and salsa and cinnamon rolls.
If You Could Compete in an Olympic Event What Would it Be?
Hockey, if I was talented lol.
What is Your Favorite Texas Country Artist?
Jake Hooker & Mike Ryan
What is Your Favorite Movie Quote?
“I'll be seeing ya Charlie Wade" - Open Range
"Naaaaacccccchhhhhoooooo!" - Nacho Libre
What Makes You PUNCHY?
Working my cows in my jandals!?? Lol jk, I think being punchy means something different to everyone and for me being able to walk to the beat of my own drum makes me feel bold and punchy!







We look forward to sharing this journey and our adventures of PUNCHY'S with you!!