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Feeling Thankful

Feeling Thankful

On this day of gratitude PUNCHY’s is closed and we are spending time with those we love that may drive us just a tad bit crazy, but the holidays aren’t complete without a little bit of crazy. The house is filled with smells of amazing food that I am dying to taste test when mom isn’t looking. The TV is playing football in the background and the sound of laughter is filtering in from the breakfast table where the boys are playing dominos; I can’t wait to join them. Thanksgiving is in full swing, the holidays are here, my oh my how I have missed you.


This year, just like any other year, they have snuck up on me and even more now with the store front and the growth of PUNCHY’S. So much of running the store is working with my team to keep our best foot forward. We are working hard constantly anticipating what is coming next at the arena and on the road to ensure we are prepared. Once we get to a certain season we are already preparing for the next to one come, which got me thinking. “Do we slow down and truly give thanks for each and every person that is in our lives?” Yes, even the aunt who asks to many invasive questions should be included also.  


Building your dream of a business is hard, keeping things in some kind of orderly fashion is even harder, but what makes it all worth it is getting to serve such an awesome customer base. When our customers make the trip to the store front nothing is more rewarding than being able to find them what they want and that it makes them feel their best!


So let’s keep this short and sweet. I have taken the time to slowdown and I want to share what I am grateful for this year.  


  • The opportunity to have a store front in my hometown with my network of supportive family, friends and customers. You’ll never know how much we truly love each of you! This even includes those cowboys at the arena that help keep our doors open and are a great source of entertainment. It’s a win win!


  • Our team that shares a vision of providing the best customer service and ensuring the customer receives an experience they can’t get anywhere else. Why be ordinary or normal when you can be uniquely you!


  • The fact that traveling is something we call work. Roadshows are near and dear to my heart because I love the adventures they entail. If it can go wrong it will and it’s fun finding a solution and learning how to just roll with it. And I get to meet people from all over America and it opens my mind to new perspectives. I hope I always get to keep learning new things.


  • Technology kicking us in the rear! Probably not what you would want on the grateful list, however we are better for the challenges. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Well it may have been a tough road, but we are finally starting to see the light at the end of tunnel and I am excited for you to see all the new features this website is going to have for our customers. Maybe a mobile stylist, wouldn’t that be nifty?


  • FINALLY seeing my vision of style coming to life. I am the worst about being able to explain my vision and all the details that get us to the final product. However, my team has learned how to translate those not so detailed instructions and I am forever thankful for them.


When I forget to slow down I often get bogged down with the day to day processes and forget why I started this venture. Then I quickly remind myself that I get to sell clothes for a living, and that this career allows me to meet the needs of others and that fact is so rewarding. There is nothing else I would rather do. When it all feels like too much it might be helpful to take a few minutes and just jot down a few things you are thankful for. Who knows it might help change your whole perspective like it did for me.




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