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What to Expect

What to Expect

WHAT?!? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! OUR WEBSITE IS FINALLY LIVE!!!! Yessssss, we finally get to share all of our adventures we have been having on Punchy's Roadshow as well as any other things that just plain tickle our fancy! (That's something my mamaw and mama have always said, so be ready cause it will be used).


Where did our awesome blog name come from?!? Well if you must know it's from one of our bestest of the best friends who hosts/schedules these sessions once a week with all of us girlfriends. It's where we say the things that your not supposed to really say, ask those questions that our mothers would die if they knew we were asking and we play dress up in each other's closets, because yes while I may own most of the same decadence, it still is so much better to play in your friends closet!!


So that's exactly what we are gonna do, right here and now! We will be sharing the good, the bad and the pretties, styling tips, new collection releases, and adventures from the road. 


Now now before we all go gettin' our panties in a twist over this cuss business, it simply is just not what your thinking. Believe me when I say I would still have to eat soap if those kinda words came out of my mouth in front of the parentals, grandparents, aunts/uncles and of course I can't be teaching those kinda things to the youngins.  And why is that?? Well, cause I'm a lady, that's why!! 


I was born and raised in Texas and occasionally my grammar reflects just that! Very sorry Mrs. Tina Summers, I know you really tried. We will be spelling things correctly.....sometimes, however the rest is up for debate. 


Check back next week for the tales of our first trip to Warrenton or commonly referred to as "baptism by fire" around here. 


Be sure and venture around the new site, give us a shout out on whatever platform you so choose and as always feel free to send us your feedback to info@punchys.com



The Modern Day Gypsy

Emily - 06 Oct 2016 @ 11:28
I can't wait to read this daily for all your fashion and life tips!

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